Pixels on Gravity Forms Page Not Firing for Conversion Tracking

Hi there,

We have installed pixels on the website for conversion tracking and the pixel on the Gravity Forms page is the only one not firing properly.

There are iframe tags implemented within the register button on the site that has not been firing. We need the fires in order to attribute conversions on our end for the campaign that we are running.

This is the web link - [Register Now – Gateway Residences]

If someone could kindly assist, that would be great.

I can’t see any custom code added to your submit button. Checking your page it seems that you’re adding a pixel from secure.adnxs.com

You will want to ask this provider for a JS function that you can call on the submit button 'onclick' event. The following documentation shows you an example of how to call a custom JS function when the submit button is clicked: gform_submit_button - Gravity Forms Documentation

Hi Samuel,

Many thanks for the help!

I will ask my team to try this and see.