PHP Page that can connect to GF REST API

I am trying to connect to GF entries so that I can read them and process them into my SQL CRM database.

I am getting stuck at the beginning when establishing a connection from my internal webserver to the public site with the GF data.

If I can get a PHP page that can connect and read the data of GF entries I think I can do the rest.

If the REST API is not the best option then I am open to other ideas.


Hello. I recommend opening a support ticket for this, as there will be some logging and other things we’ll need to gather which you may not want in a public forum.

I definitely want to leave the details out of the forum. But I did not think that this was in the scope of a support ticket.

You can ask about using the REST API and if that is appropriate for what you want to achieve. We can at least help point you in the right direction.