Passing Field Values


I am aware of the ‘Page’ feature for Gravity Form but it’s not quite what I am looking for.

I want it to go from one physical page to another.

Here’s the initial landing page: Give

Here’s the second page which is the Partner.

(NOTE both pages are using the same form)

My plan is to remove the payment portion of the form from the Give page but have it showing on the Partner page. The only fields and it’s entries that will appear for the Give page are:
Free: “23 Questions About Hell” book
Partner with Us

This Give page will then need to have a ‘Continue’ button to pass those values over to the Partner page which will have the payment area for visitors to fill out. I also want to retain all the content (on the left) on this Partner page.

Again, as noted before that I am using the exact same form for both of those pages and I am sure that will have to change…

Is there a way to make this happen without tinkering with GF’s core files?

Here’s a sample link that we would like to happen. When you go the the next step you will see the values have been passed to that page.

Thank you.

You can use two forms and two pages. You can pass the data from page to page (form to form) using this method:

“Query String” method

Or my favorite method is using this plugin:

This is great. I did not see this plugin on Gravity Form site. Did I just happened to miss it?

I will give this a go. I appreciate your response.

The Easy Passthrough plugin is offered by a third party, not Gravity Forms.