Paragraph text in entry object: all on one line [RESOLVED]

When I retrieve a paragraph text entry (with Rich Text Editor turned ON) via get_entries, the paragraph tags are removed, and all lines of text are displayed on one line. Thus, a multi-line entry is all smashed into one line.

How do I retain the multiple lines that the user input in their entry when I display it? (All other formatting is retained.)

If GFAPI::get_entries() does not return paragraph tags, is there a $wpdb query that I can use instead? I would really like some help with this.

I simply want to display a paragraph text entry with the HTML paragraph tags (which result in line breaks). They are currently left off, and the entire text (all paragraphs) display on one line.

Can someone please help me?!

Try passing the value through wpautop() or nl2br()

That did it! Thank you!

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