Pagination & Search For User Registration Feeds

I’m building a community website and plan to use Gravity Forms for user registration. We have a lot of different user types and each user type is going to need a user registration feed.

Is it possible to add pagination to the list of user feeds? We could have up to 2000 user feeds and whilst our hosting is quite robust I don’t think it can handle loading this much data at once in the admin area.

Is there a way around this where I can show maybe 100 user feeds per page?

If there was a way to search through these feeds too it would be helpful although not essential

Adding pagination to any Gravity Forms add-on feeds has not been asked as far as I know. There’s currently no way to do that in Gravity Forms. I will add that as a feature request, but will leave the topic open in case anyone can provide additional ideas.

Also, why so many feeds?

Thanks Chris - I know I’m really stretching Gravity Forms to its limits with that amount of feeds but from my research it would appear there’s no other way to assign a member to the correct user type based on a field in the form. I was even looking for a way to search user feeds as a way around this - I could then bookmark a user feed search as a starting point for loading the fields so the page doesn’t take forever to load

Are you going to have thousands of user types as well?

Depending on your exact use-case, you might be able to use one feed, or at least fewer feeds, and then the gform_user_registered filter to change or set the role after the user is created.

That would not help with your admin search function, but it would eliminate all the feed processing and just update the role after submission.

Everything I’ve been reading (forums, stack exchange etc.) has led me to believe that it’s not possible to do that conditionally.

We will have about 3000 user types based on location - so in the form when they select their town e.g. Springfield, they would need to be added to the Springfield User Type. As far as I could tell the only way to do that was with the user registration add on and creating one user registration feed per user type which would trigger if the visitor selects Springfield as their location from the select field in the attached form.

If I can do this the way you suggest in that link that would save me so much pain!

In that example I see this: 'set_user_role' , 10, 3 - Is this registering the user to 2 user types?

I also see this : rgar( $entry , '5' ); - The 5 is a form field (I think) but is it possible with a drop down select field to set this for the select options e.g. Springfield, South Park, Gotham?

And finally, is it then a case of just copying the code here for every user type/select field combination needed?