Page back reload issues

i have created a custom function for pre_render to check the user id entries and if user has already submitted a form then to show a message.

Locally i have this working but when on wpengine server page back after the form is submitted the function doesnt fire as it looks like the page back has returned to a prev page state and not reloaded the page.

Does any one know if gravity forms can force a page reload when returning to a form with browser back?

Heres my function

add_filter('gform_pre_render', 'pre_submission_duplication_check');
function pre_submission_duplication_check($form)
  if (is_user_logged_in()) { 

    $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); //The curent user

    $search_criteria = array(
      'status'     => 'active', //Active forms 
      'field_filters' => array( //which fields to search

          'key' => 'created_by', 'value' => $current_user->ID,

    $form_id = 3;

      $entry_count = GFAPI::count_entries($form_id, $search_criteria);

      if ($entry_count >= "1") { // If they have submitted the form: ?>
        <div class="form-duplication-message">
          <h2>you have already submitted a form</h2>
          <p class="message-sub">please continue</p>
          $continue = get_field('continue', 'option');

          $next = getPrevOrNextScreenLink(false, $continue, 'arrow-right');
          if ($next) {
            echo $next;
      } else {
        return $form;

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