Overflow issue on mobile


I’m very new to Gravity Forms and not trained in HTML or CSS.

Can somebody please help me identify how to resolve the issue of content overflowing caused by the Gravity Form on mobile?

My website is: https://dancingkangarootours.com.au/

This issue arises only when I start to input information into the Gravity Form on my mobile which causes it to overflow and a horizontal bar appears.

Please note the whole website does not have this issue.

I’m using Wordpress, Elementor Pro and Neve Theme to build my website.

Any suggestion/help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hello. I tested the form on mobile (Firefox) and it looked and worked OK until I opened the datepicker. Then I saw some horizontal overflow. Are you seeing the same thing?

If you test this form from the form preview, does the same thing happen on mobile?

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