Odd break tags added mysteriously after each checkbox or radio button [RESOLVED]

Hi. I have a weird problem that I can’t track down. Everytime I create a checkbox or radio field in a form the result is a break tag
after the selector. I can’t get the selector and the choice to align horizontally. I have looked everywhere but can’t find a reason why a break tag would appear on the live page. It looks correct while building the form in the editor. Any advice?
See: RC test form | Window Hero

Looking at the page code it shows this mysterious
after the input.

First Choice

Hello. That is typically caused by another plugin, or some code in your theme, reprocessing the_content. You can use these steps to find the source of the conflict:

Please let us know what you find.

You are correct. I found that wpautop was turned on in the theme causing the extra line break on paragraph and div tags. I was able to turn it off on the single page which fixed my issue instantly. Thanks.