Number Field, how to round up instead of down.! HELP

Please help, I am using a function in the number field and simply want the rounding fucntion to round up instead of the default round down. The number of decimals is not an issue but im loosing my mind trying to find where to set it to round a number up not down.

This is the excel function i am trying to put into a number field as a calculation.

I.e. = ROUNDUP(H12/8,0)
H12 in GF = another number field that the user will input. so that part is simple enough. I just cant find where to round up not the round down by default…

Hi Jarryd,

This free snippet should do the trick: Rounding by Increments with Gravity Forms - Gravity Wiz

And if you need more advanced calculations you can check out: Gravity Forms Advanced Calculations - Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz

I hope this helps :man_mage:


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