Notification not send message file too big

On one of our sites we have a lot of different Gravity Forms and some of them have upload fields. Sometimes when a visitor uploads a lot of files we notice that the administrator notification is not send with the message:

SMTP error: data not accepted, Error: message file too big

The files in total or not above 17 MB is there anything we can do about this? We would like to receive the notification anyways. I’ve seen this thread: How to send notification without attachments if files are too big - #2 by david but we’re not dealing with a single form…

Hey Robbert, if I understand you correctly, you’re concerned that you’d have to configure the Zip Files snippet for each form individually? If so, you can actually omit the form_id parameter and it will apply to all forms.

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Ah I see thanks! Do these zips get auto removed when a submission expires?

I don’t believe so. How are you expiring the entries?

On a per form basis at the “personal data” tab in the default settings.

Currently, the zip will not be deleted when the entry is deleted. Definitely something we’d love to add support for. If you’re a Gravity Perks customer, drop us a line and I’ll see if we can get this prioritized.

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