Notification is disabled by gform_disable_notification hook - Except it isn't. Client not getting emails [RESOLVED]

In the last week for some reason the email notifications are no longer being sent to the client. They are however being sent to the applicants. Looking through the logging I found this:

2023-09-07 10:20:14.757150 - DEBUG → GFAPI::send_notifications(): Notification is disabled by gform_disable_notification hook, not including notification (#5ac525769186e - Client Notification).
2023-09-07 10:20:14.757291 - DEBUG → GFCommon::send_notifications(): Processing notifications for form_submission event for entry #558: Array
[0] => 649a146c82df6

(only active/applicable notifications are sent)
2023-09-07 10:20:14.757364 - DEBUG → GFCommon::send_notification(): Starting to process notification (#649a146c82df6 - Send email confirmation to Applicant).
2023-09-07 10:20:15.651922 - DEBUG → GFCommon::send_email(): Aborting notification (#649a146c82df6 - Send email confirmation to Applicant) for entry #558. The gform_pre_send_email hook was used to set the abort_email parameter to true.
2023-09-07 10:20:15.681740 - DEBUG → GFCommon::send_notifications(): Sending notifications for entry (#558) completed in 0.924451 seconds.

So for some reason it is disabling notifications to the Client even though nobody added this hook to any file or changed anything. The email is processed correctly to the form applicant as noted and you can see in the log file. The client notification is ACTIVE.

I can see under each entry that it is only sending to the applicant and not to the client as well.

We are on latest gravity forms version. Plugins being used are

Advanced Permissions for Gravity Forms
Constant Contact Add on
SendGrid Add on
Signature Add on
Gravity PDF

Any idea if this is a bug in the latest code release that could have changed this as we have not changed any code or anything else with our forms or website since this broke.

I found this line of code below in the Gravity Forms PDF plugin which had me suspect maybe this plugin was blocking the email notification since only the admin was receiving the PDF. I disabled the PDF Plugin and notifications are now going thru. So either an update to Gravity Forms or the PDF plugin must have changed over the last week or so which broke this somehow and triggers the notification disable hook.

htdocs/wp-content/plugins/gravity-forms-pdf-extended/src/Controller/Controller_Pdf_Queue.php: add_filter( 'gform_disable_notification', [ $this, 'maybe_disable_submission_notifications' ], 9999, 4 );

I think this is related to a global Gravity PDF setting…

Untoggling that should allow notifications to come through. If it is enabled and you’re not receiving notifications, then it is likely background processes are not set to properly run on the server. Or, there could be some conflict preventing PDFs from generating properly and causing the delayed notification to fail.

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Correct disabling this worked. Our server does check out on the system status report showing background tasks enabled/working.

I’m going to send the log to Gravity PDF developer to see if they can see why it is short circuiting when background processing is enabled.

One other thing is the bulk resend did work fine when this was still enabled and I think that uses background processing but not positive.

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