Not all Formfields wil be exported [RESOLVED]

I use this fields:
{Aanhef:32}&{Naam (Voornaam):1.3}&{Naam (Tussenvoegsel):1.4}&{Naam (Achternaam):1.6}

However when I select the wanted fields for an export I Don’t see field
{Naam (Tussenvoegsel):1.4}

See also my attachment


Hi Ron. What is that a screenshot of? What page on the site?

Looks like the UI for “Forms → Personal Data → Exporting and Erasing Data”.

Under the “Velden” column, it’s the field labelled “Naam”. I don’t believe you can export/delete individual sub-fields (e.g. First, Middle, Last Name), and you have to choose the field as a whole.

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Hi Jake,

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