No translation for sublabel in address fields


we are using a WP install in German.

After updating to the latest GForms 2.5.1 our forms works ok. But the address field of the forms does not automatically show correct sub-labels in German.

The strange thing is, the correct translations are already showing in the settings panel, but not in the form. Please see the screenshot attached.

Is this a known update error? Do we have to override the correctly translated sub-labels in the new settings area although the proposed standard value already is e.g. german “Land” for “Country”?

This also happens with a new form we created from scratch.
Also the country list switched back to the original list in English. We had to use the GForm hook to update the country array with German country names as some conditionals were depending on those translated names.

Does anyone else experience this?
Many thanks for any hint how to handle this.