No duplicates conflict with user email

Hello, I have a form where i have used no duplicates option on email fields, It’s a regular form no user registration or so…

But my issue is, if i input an email that has an user on site, even it’s only mail in the form it shows me as duplicate: This field requires a unique entry and ‘’ has already been used which is not correct.

Here is an image / screenshot of the issue: Shottr

I need help to resolve this. Would appreciate the help.

Thank you

Hi Mofazzul,

Could you please share the page URL and the form export JSON file? This will allow me to investigate further on my sandbox website and help you resolve the issue. Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for your response

Here is the form json export: Upload Files | Free File Upload and Transfer Up To 10 GB

Here is the page url: Brokerage Agreement –

Thank you very much for your help

Thank you, Mofazzul.

I’m unable to replicated the issue. Could you please share a screen recording so I can take a closer look at the issue? Thank you

You can use the following free screencast service:

or this one


Ok, here is a short loom about it: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

To clarify further more. If i use a mail that has admin user, it shows as duplicate(check the video please), As i understand, the field option no duplicates should check duplicate emails within the form inputs not the registred users as this form is normal contact form.

Kindly let me know if this helps.

Thank you again.

I am still unable to reproduce the issue following your screen recording. Please ensure you have the latest version of Gravity Forms and its add-ons. Then let me know if that works. Thank you.

Screen recording:
screen recording

Hi, thank you

I have everything updated actually… Though I will so some more tests myself and let you know here, Will try with default theme and only gravity form active

Thanks again

It looks like everything is working fine in the latest video you shared with me in a message. If you need more assistance regarding this, please open a support ticket here:
including the system report from the Forms → System Status page, and a link to the page where the form is located.

Thank you.

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