No confirmation message or redirect

Hi, so I got problem with confirmation message/redirect which is not showing, I got form which after filling should register user and show message depend what was ticked in one of the box, this checkbox got 3 options and I want to make automatically ticked one of that depend link.

so I use 3 links:

in last step of that form there is checkbox (hidden) called Contract type and in Parameter Name: gvt_contract

based on that, depend which link I will use form should open and specific checkbox should be ticked (but user will don’t see this).

In confirmation I created 3 messages which got conditional logic like:
show this message if Zero_hrs etc.

but I tested and form works okay, register user, checkbox is ticked based on link, but there is no showing any confirmation message, I test that on preview, I tested on sample page, I try use redirection instead message but this not work also.

this is how it’s look last step in form, I unhidden checkbox “contract type”

there should be my message (link to another form) but it’s empty

also on preview form looks same

We would need to check your form. Please open a support ticket and be sure to include an export file of your form.

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