Next button not working on Internet Explorer

So basically, I have a few multiple-steps forms which work perfectly fine on Chrome and Edge. However, on Internet Explorer, the Next button doesn’t work. It doesn’t show up, so you can’t clic next on the form.

How can I solve this incompatibility with Internet Explorer?

What is the URL of the page on your site where we can see your form? We’ll need that in order to help you.

There you go:

Hello Yaiza. It looks like you are using the Gravity Forms Styles Pro add-on to add the button styles. I recommend contacting the support for that plugin to get assistance with this issue on IE. Additionally, I see that the scripts and styles are being cached or minified, which could also create the problem. I recommend disabling any caching or minification temporarily, to see if the styles appear. If not, please reach out to the support for the styling plugin you are using to see if there is a known issue with Internet Explorer. I’ll leave this open in the event anyone has experience with this issue or the plugin.