New Hidden fields not working with Dynamics 365 Add-on

We have had the Dynamics 365 Add-on for gravity forms working to automatically import form submissions to Dynamics 365 for several years.

We recently added the AFL UTM Tracker plug in to add UTM parameters to hidden fields on the form (per the below instructions) and then have those hidden field mapped to field in Dynamics. For some reason those hidden filed aren’t being imported like the rest of the mapped fields. Looking at the logs and the record in Dynamics, everything else is working properly. To add an extra layer of confusion, if I press the “Send to Dynamics” button on the entry it will make a new record in Dynamics as expected, meaning this one will have all the hidden fields populated as expected.

Anyone have any ideas why it would work when I manually push the upload but not when it automatically does?

Dynamically populating UTM parameters in Gravity Forms hidden fields - Appfromlab


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