Nested forms button styling

Hi there,

I am creating an application form, using Nested Forms to add multiple entry tables.

The submit buttons on all nested fields are currently smaller and blue.

As a fairly new person to this, is there a setting to amend, or will this require some styling?

Thanks so much :smiley:

Hi Kate,

Could you please share the exact webpage URL where I can check the issue and provide you with a custom CSS code block to resolve the submit button issue? Thank you :+1:

Hi Faisal, thanks for coming back. Unfortunately this page isn’t live yet so I can’t send a webpage link, and the styling will need to be applied to multiple nested forms. Do you have a suggestion I could try? Thanks :slight_smile:

Temporarily, you can move your website to a sandbox server such as or, which will provide you with a free sandbox server with just a single click.

Next, migrate the local website there using the WordPress Backup & Migration plugin. Once completed, please share the webpage URL so that I can further investigate and resolve the issue.

Hi Kate,

It looks like the site’s theme is overriding the built-in styles included with GP Nested Forms. If you drop us a line in support, we’ll be happy to troubleshoot this with you.