Need to display the DATE as text and not as numbers

Hey there as it shows in the image below the DATE is set as NUMBER but i would like to change it to text like MONDAY and not as number as well as the month the same, please i am little bit newbie and looking for your assisantance

Hi @giannistsitsis97
Without custom coding or applying a hook, it’s not possible. But you could allow users to use a calendar so they could know which date will have which day. Let me know if that works. Here is the plugin URL.

i know that need custom code , might someone could help me here !

To accomplish this with months, you can use this snippet Replace Numbered Months with Named Months in Date Field

Where should i put this code exactly?

This is a PHP snippet that is being used to add JavaScript to the page. It can be added to your theme functions.php file, or you can use a plugin such as this one to keep the code separate from the theme: Code Snippets – WordPress plugin |

Please see this article for additional information on placing PHP snippets:

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