Need Gravity Forms Weekly Coach

I would like to hire someone on a weekly basis to coach me through a project. The project is a document filing and document sharing system for very specialized courts. Specifically, attorneys will create cases, assign other attorneys and judges to those cases, and then use the system to upload and exchange those documents throughout the life of the case. Security is a must because most of the information exchanged is confidential. Also, documents that go to the court must be pushed to the court through SFTP.

I will pay someone for 1-2 hours per week to coach me through the project (zoom, skype, etc). This will obviously be for several weeks. I need to now the hourly rate and any minimum number of hours you require. Also, a brief summary of any projects you have done like this before would be helpful.

Hello Allen. I provide mentorship/coaching for programmers

Please get in touch with me via email gennady[at]kovshenin[dot]com with:

  1. What are the project deadlines?
  2. What’s your level of PHP experience? Any GitHub projects you can show me?
  3. What timezone are you in?