Multiselect Output problems

Please help me out:

I have a Form with Multiselect list with values os based on the choices the PDF or PDF’s will be there.
So in the message this code is in:

<a target="_blank" href="{bestand:20:value}.pdf">{bestand:20}</a>

If you select 4 choices in the multiselect is outputs 1 url in stead of 4 url’s …
How to display the output based on the selections

Where is the link placed? In a notification or confirmation? If you have multiple selections, I would use a hook to insert your link:

And in the hook write a php foreach:

That goes through the selected and puts them in properly:

$pdfs = rgars( $entry, 20 );

foreach( $pdfs as $pdf ){
    echo '<a target="_blank" href="' . $pdf . '.pdf">' . $pdf . '</a><br />';

In the notication people read directly on screen…

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