Multiple PayPal buttons shown by PayPal addon (again!)

This is a repeat of a previous topic asked by someone else last year (which has since been closed). The answer to that topic stated that the issue was discovered and patched, however… I believe the exact same issue is occurring again, so the patch that was applied is no-longer effective, so the bug has resurfaced!

Here is the original topic…

In a nutshell, if you are using the “PayPal Checkout Add-On” and create a multi-page form with AJAX enabled, multiple PayPal buttons will appear instead of just one.

Disabling AJAX fixes the issue… however, that is not a solution for me, as I really want to be able to use AJAX with the form I am creating.

I can confirm that I am using the latest version of Gravity Forms (2.7.13) and the latest version of the PayPal Checkout Add-On (2.7.0).

Hi Luke. I recommend opening a new support ticket for your issue:

Be sure to include your system status report and a URL where we can check your forms. Thank you.

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