Merge Fields not displaying for Date and Time Calculator

I recently installed the Date and Time Calculator Perk. The Merge field is supposed to populate when clicking on “Enable Calculation” after adding dates/time and number field. But the drop down is not populating. I have tried everything I know how to do. Please help!

Hi Brigitte,

Have you tried disabling third-party plugins, including caching plugins, and switching back to the default WordPress 2024 theme? If nothing resolves the issue, you can contact Gravity Wiz support using the link below.

Hi Brigitte,

I see you already submitted a ticket with us at Gravity Wiz, and we’ve replied to you. However, to keep other users up to date, I will also reply here.

We are currently aware of a bug where the date field merge tags are not showing in the merge tag selector on the calculation. This was caused by a recent update in Gravity Forms.

We have been working with Gravity Forms to get this fixed, and they have informed us that the next update will bring this back.

In the meantime, you can manually enter the date field merge tags into the calculation like so:

Date Calculations

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