Making API Key fails — No users in dropdown

Trying to set up some API integration, and when I click the ‘Add Key’ button, I get the popup asking me for a name, the user, and level of access.

1st problem: The user dropdown is empty.

2nd problem: After clicking through anyway with empty user, I am given key/secret. But they don’t seem to actually save (probably because of the empty user dropdown).

If the site has more than 3000 users you will need to use the following filter to adjust the WP query that is used to get the users whose capabilities are checked:

The users would also need one or more of the Gravity Forms capabilities listed in the following article to be included in the drop down:

Ahh, well, that’s definitely it (number of people). A nice error message on that popup would have helped versus silent failure. I’ll look at using the filter to fix this

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