Making a public facing editable form

I want to make a master company information form with the following records:

Unique ID

Company name





Contact name

Contact phone

Contact Email

Let’s say that I now have 10 companies with records in the system.

Next, let’s say, I want each of the 10 companies to be able to update their Respective address information once per year.

Can I create a public facing form that allows them to update their address And can I email each of them a link to their particular record?

The “Update address form“ would consist of the following:

Company name (populated but not editable)

Address (Populated and editable)

City (Populated and editable)

State (Populated and editable)

Zip (Populated and editable)

Note that this version of the form does not contain all of their information just the items that we want to update.

Submit would overwrite the information in this form for that particular company

Is this scenario possible And if yes, can you tell me how we would do it?

In this scenario, the Gravity View plugin could help you. If the user submits the form to add their company information, they could easily edit it.

However, if you added the information for the first time and then allow them to edit it later, you would need some custom coding or might require assistance from GravityKit (the plugin developer company).

Please follow the article below to get a great starting point.

I would second @faisalahammad, GravityView would probably be your best and easiest option. As far as I am aware, you would need to add a User Registration option as part of your form as each company would need to be logged into your website to be able to edit their entry.

Although there may be functions you could create which would allow non-logged in users to edit entries, I wouldn’t advise doing this as someone could easily change values in a URL to get a different companies details, which they could then edit.

If you used GravityView, you can decide which fields they can see and edit and create a single page e.g. which would have a GravityView shortcode that pre-filters to their response so they only ever see what they’ve submitted.

[gravityview id=“42602” search_field=“created_by” search_operator=“is” search_value=“{user:ID}”]

I hope this helps.

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