Make a modification on a form after a refusal [RESOLVED]


I’m looking for a way to allow a user to edit their responses on a form if an admin denies approval.

Basically if there is an error,
Step 1 - the admin refuses, sends an email back to the user (Step already programmed)
Step 2 - The user can modify their form with all these old answers. (what I’m trying to do)
I specify that the user does not have a wordpress account.

Is there a way to do this via gravity flow & gravity form?

thanks in advance

Hi Philippe,

Gravity Flow can absolutely handle this for you. You would want to setup an approval step for the admin to approve/reject the initial submission and define a user input step to be the next step conditional upon the rejection. You could define the email notification either on the rejection action (more common when there is no follow-up activity for the user to complete) or the user input step.


Oh yes, it’s a solution! Thanks you very much

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