Looking to Limit Recurring payments to 0


I have a client looking to have two payment options. One for signing up (which is a 2 year subscription) and then another option to renew after the 2 years is up.

So I need the first sign up/set up to limit the user to 2 years, then expire. There is only an option for recurring times with a minimum of 2. I need this to be 0.

The other form is just to renew a user sub for another 2 years.

I am currently using the PayPal and New user add-ons. But I am struggling to make this work.

Can I just limit this to a Two Year subscription with a trial length of two years - then force a user to hit a field to auto renew?

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I have the same issue.

we sell subscrition but we want auto renew to be optionnal.

sorry I just looked into it.
You basically just have to create 2 feeds, one as a subscription and one as a product.

You then enable logic for both.

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