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Hi. I currently have a form on aacolumbia.org for Meeting Changes Form. I have over 30 checkboxes and currently have them divided into three columns, so that they all appear without the user having to scroll down a long list. Is there a way to make the one column “word wrap” so that I don’t have to but a “Column doesn’t apply” at the bottom of each one.

The idea is that SOMETHING out of all of those check boxes is required. Thanks for any wisdom!


Hi Scott,

I’m not sure if this is what you need but we have a snippet to create a proper None of the above options:



Thanks, but basically, I don’t think I would need a “None of the Above” if I could just make my get away from having three columns. I’d like that section to be more horizontal than vertical.

I’m an embryo/baby when it comes to where I would put all that programming language.


Hi Scott,

In this case, I would suggest creating 3 checkboxes fields and then using Gravity Forms Limit Checkboxes - Gravity Wiz perk to group those 3 checkboxes and setting a minimum selection for that group of fields.

This solution requires 0 code!

I hope this helps.


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That doesn’t seem to be it. Unless I misunderstand that add-on. I have over 30 choices that I would like to be listed as 13 per column across 3 columns without the user having to scroll down to complete the form.

Maybe I’m not asking properly. If you look at the website and see the current form that would help?

I’ve also found the “Multiple Columns for Gravity Forms” add-on. Maybe that’s what I need?

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