Limits phone numbers country

Hi all
I need a bit more control over contacts forms - (too many spam messages from .ru etc.

Prev. Hero help me out with a magic code snippet :- :stuck_out_tongue: Help on picking the correct field to work with [RESOLVED] - #2 by sacom

My Phone field is named in Danish: “Telefon” - max 11 letters allowed.
First question - do I need to rename the LABEL line with “custom” ?? to my field name?
Because it is possible to enter other than “45” and “+45” in the form - (Country code for DK)

Like a user can enter 46 or +46 for Sweden - But I don’t allow delivery outside than DK
Second Q: So how do I only allow 45 or +45 — (Maybe later in life I could need a array of countries?)

Thanks for any help (please paste the entire script in here… I can’t code myself


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