Limit Time field to 15 min increments

Have a “building rental form” where I want the user to pick their rental time at 15 minute increments only,

I would like to use the Time field input, though have it limited to only :00 :15 :30 or :45. Is this possible? I am trying to calculate two time fields, like start time and end time, and then calculate the difference to create a “total time”. Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Should I just use numeric drop-downs and then calculate the difference of those? Thank you.

Hi Kevan,

If you want to use Time fields it seems this will require some customization but we have a free snippet that could help here.

You can mix it with Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator - Gravity Wiz to calculate the Total time.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the response Dario. My brain can’t figure from looking at the snippet how this would limit time increments to 15 minutes. I understand that the Gravity Wiz can calculate the difference in times though. However, I may have to do this numerically as I also need the total time to be multiplied by a rate for a “rental total”.

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