Is there a way to batch change hundreds of check boxes?

Is there a way to batch change close to 1000 check boxes to have the value of “YES” instead of the Label name?

I made a form with over tons of checkboxes, and I’m trying to map the checkboxes to a fillable pdf but I realized they all need to be the value of “yes” to work. I have spent days on this and don’t want to have to start over or go through one by one

You can’t assign all the choices the same value. Gravity Forms requires choices to have unique values. The reason for this is that it is the choice value that is stored in settings (e.g. conditional logic) and the entries. When the choice text is required the plugin loops through the choices returning the text of the first choice it finds with the matching value. If multiple choices have the same value the wrong text will be returned.

Check with the add-on developer, they might have a filter you can use to override the value as the pdf is being filled.

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