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I have a client’s form and an issue I am having is that they want to ask for something like a Home Phone Number, and use the formatting input mask for a US phone number. However, they also want to allow users to either input “NA” (not applicable) if someone doesnt have a home phone, or possibly add a checkbox next to it for NA. Is there a way to have the field either be a phone number or NA and if its a phone number, use the input mask? If not, I can use a checkbox after the phone field but how can i have either one or the other be required?

I should say that I tried to figure this out a couple years ago but I never did find a solution and the client said they can manually change it but they are getting way more submissions than they can handle.

Hi there,

First, create a radio field titled “Do you have a home phone?” with two options: “Yes” and “No or NA.” Next, add a phone field and enable conditional logic based on the previous selection.

So when someone selects “YES,” the phone field will be visible. They will then need to submit their phone number. Here is the entry preview.

For a visual guide, please refer to the following screen recording: :point_down:

Give it a try, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

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