In Dropdown format I need change max date range to 2050

Hello, I want to buy but need to know does possible to change year in date/tame place. I saw on my friends website that it is limited, how to add more years to chose? i need 2050 until
I need this in Dropdown format? I can edit code, Im not a programer, but small changes I can do, I understand that its only limits somewhere in a code. I read documentations and found info about -100 and +20 I asked my friend can he try to chage this part, he sayed that it not helped and still he see max 2022 date

If what you want is to change the maximum year displayed in the date field’s year drop-down, then you should be able to do that with this Gravity Forms filter hook. There is a snippet example on the documentation page that you can use.

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Thanks, yesterday I found other solution, in files searched 1920 and in file class-gf-field-date changed from +1 to +20 now date is changed too. But definitely will try to use and this your solution, but if for real I not really understand how to enter a code part

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