Date input fiels show big arrow

Hello, earlier I asked about date format, now my friend allowed to check form more, and sometimes I getting I think errors, sometime I see wery big selection arrows in date field, here is a picture Imgur: The magic of the Internet and sometime after refresh i see ok selector as here Imgur: The magic of the Internet
And one more question, usually no one answering to second question but I will try.
I asked about how to show bigger number for year in date fields and got answer to look here. gravityforms com/gform_date_max_year/
Question is how to show the same date in few date fields as example from date field and TO date field , can I add nier id == 5 some date to show and in 10 no data field
And what number 10,3, art the end means.
add_filter( 'gform_date_max_year' , function ( $max_year , $form , $field ) {
return $form [ 'id' ] == 7 && $field ->id == 5 ? 2040 : $max_year ;
}, 10, 3 );

Hi Tom. What is the URL of the page where we can see your form? Those date drop down styles are not the default, so there is likely some additional padding being added by your theme. We’ll need to see the page to be able to help you fix that. We’ll start with that one. Thank you.

Yes you was right about styles, I delited all and then its gone. Can you answer to my 2 last questions plus this. Does it possible to do fields explanation like this how i show in this video Communicate clearly without any misinterpretation | Berrycast

Hi Tom. I see the video, but will need to see the form online to verify the field and form IDs. Can you please share the URL?

The 10, 3 are required by WordPress for the filter (10 is the priority and 3 is the number of arguments the filter is expecting. Do not modify them and they do not relate to form ID or field ID.)

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