Ignore or overrule cURL error 60

I want to use a webhook to a private server with a self signed certificate. But the webhook keeps giving cURL error 60: Issuer certificate is invalid.
Can i use the -k or – parameter somewhere to make it work?

Regards Ramon

So, yes you can override the request arguments for your unsafe server by hooking http_request_args and changing the sslverify argument from true to false when the URL is to your private server. But that’s not a good idea.

A better idea is to make it so that your private server’s certificate is trusted. Here’s three ways to do that:

  1. use Let’s Encrypt to give your server a free valid TLS certificate
  2. use Cloudflare to give your server a free valid TLS certificate
  3. create your own trusted CA and issue your private server a TLS certificate from that

Then you can keep everything using trusted TLS communications, and not have any code that undoes that.


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