I need a Custom Merge Tag written

I need someone to write a custom merge tag to use the functionality of the LivePopulation plugin to pull content from a table into a Gravity form. I need to store hundreds of links to external sites that are currently stored in an excel spreadsheet. I would like to be able to call data from a gravity forms dropdownlist choice data from the spreadsheet populate several fields in a gravity form. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk about a budget. Cheers, Marko (markoschmitt@gmail.com)

Welcome Marko. I hope you get some interest. Have you also tried posting in the (closed - you need to request access) Gravity Forms, GravityView and Gravity Perks Users Facebook Group?

Hi Chris

Thanks for the suggestion. I did actually get interest from Dan Dulaney via Codeable. I am glad to know about these other forums though, thanks!

What is your connection to Gravity Forms? I have been working with GF for about a year - and I have to say the learning curve is steep for those of us who are non-programmers. However, GF is such a powerful product, especially since I am now beginning to understand about merge tags and how they can be used.

I am building a business education site that uses GF on practically every page - so it is very important to me. But it would be so helpful to have an overall map of how the various parts fit together as a whole in Gravity Forms, the way for example the WORDPRESS TEMPLATE HIERARCHY.

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I’ve been using Gravity Forms since 2009 and have been working for Gravity Forms / Rocketgenius, Inc since 2011.

How about this reference for hooks and filters?


Hey - Thanks Chris - I will dig into this. If you have any other suggestions for how to gain a deeper understanding of Gravity Forms - please let me know. I recently completed Ian’s Gravity Forms course through web designers academy. It was a good foundation I wish I’d had when I started!

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