Html block text align doesn't work

To add some text in my form, i use html block and it works perfectly - especially center command when i am only in gf edition page, but when i put the form short code in a page and publish it, text align command seems doesn’t working and all text goes to the right…
picture 1 shows the text centered in my gf edition page preview
picture 2 shows the same text going to the right in a published wordpress page
What’s going on ?
ps1 : i am using Arabic language (rtl)
ps2 : I an not very familiar with html code
ps3 : sorry for my bad English



Can you share with us the link to the page on your site where we can see this form embedded? If it’s working until you publish the page, chances are your theme has styles that are overriding what you are trying to do. Share the link and we’ll take a look.

Thank you Chris but i warn you : it is in Arabic :grinning: (dietetic questionnaire)
Also, you can see that i had found a temporary solution in some cases : using pictures instead of text in block html, but the result is not awesome :

You are using Extra as a theme, which does not support RTL languages well. It would be better to use Divi which is compatible with RTL languages.
Please see:

Same problem when switching to Divi

Any ideas guys ? :sweat_smile:

The only link to your page is the one where there is an image now. Can you send a link to another page on the site where we can see the form with just HTML and text with the misalignment you’re trying to correct? Thank you.

Actually, all the form is displaying in the same place :حسابات-الطاقة-الغذائية

Thank you in advance

Thank you. In the attached screenshot, is that the text you are trying to center (inside the yellow box)?

Yes and all others above inside the blue boxes (seven in total if i add the temporary yellow table picture solution)

I notified also that “justify” align text command is not applied in the yellow box with all that text included, and in the other blue boxes - above this one - font is not applied too like other text.

It is too much but really i have no choice.

I Apologize

In this screenshot, can you add red arrows or boxes around the text you want centered?


And, if the text is in an image, we’ll need to see it on the page in text format, so we can apply styling to it and see the effect. We can’t apply CSS to the image. Thank you.