How to use if else in calculations

i applied this formula:
“if( F23 == 2 ):
( F24 * 1.1 ) / 2
elseif( F23 == 3 ):
( F24 * 1.1 ) / 3
elseif( F23 == 4 ):
( F24 * 1.15 ) / 4

but while validating it shows error. the formula is put inside discount field, with adjustments. i want a formula that create different rates when month is selected, week is selected, year is selected.

Hi Abhijeet,

The formula you have is correct, but the IF Else functionality in calculations is possible with the GP Advanced Calculations Perk. Do you already have the perk activated on your website? If you do, and it’s still not working, please open a ticket with us via our support form, so we can look into this further.


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