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Hello everyone,

We are facing a challenging issue. For over 10 years, we have been selling tickets through Gravity Forms. In recent years, this has evolved from a simple registration form into a highly complex one.

Recently, we added Club Memberships to our website. Club members enjoy various benefits and discounts. One of these perks is the availability of free tickets, including all options, for specific day events.

What does such an event entail? Individuals can purchase 1 to 4 tickets per team, with options like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As a club member, a day event can be entirely free with all chosen options, applicable to one ticket. However, we’ve encountered a problem.

If someone buys 1 ticket and selects options like breakfast and dinner, the final amount can be discounted by -100% using a coupon code. For multiple tickets, we cannot use a percentage discount since the percentage varies based on the number of tickets. We aim to have CLUB members use only one coupon/CLUB ID.

While a percentage coupon poses no issue, a fixed amount does. If someone buys only the ticket and opts for breakfast, we need to refund the customer a positive balance. This is because the fixed amount coupon must cover the total value with all options, ensuring a discount for all options. However, if only 1 or 2 options are chosen, the customer is owed money when buying only 1 ticket, and too much discount is given for 2 or 3 tickets.

The problem intensifies when someone purchases two, three, or four tickets. The first ticket and selected options are free, while the second or third ticket incurs a cost.

At present, we cannot use a percentage or fixed amount discount coupon. For instance, if someone chooses breakfast and dinner for the first free ticket, the lunch cost is also subtracted, resulting in a loss for us.

Here’s how it should work - Example:
Ticket: $85
Breakfast: $25
Lunch: $35
Dinner: $55
First Club ID: YES
1 CLUB MEMBER + 1 Co-driver
Buys two tickets with breakfast and dinner option. TOTAL = $330
With their Club ID, the first ticket costs $0, and the second ticket costs $165.
This applies even if they choose all options.

A club member receives a special MEMBERSHIP ID. With this ID, we want to add a field where they can enter their ID number. The field instantly verifies the ID, similar to a coupon.

A text should confirm whether the ID is correct or not, and the discount applies to product prices, making the first item of each product free.

If the co-driver is also a CLUB MEMBER, a second ID should be entered, applying the discount to the second product. This extends to the third and fourth tickets if a valid CLUB ID is entered.

How can we enable a club member to input an ID, or adjust pricing based on their user role?

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