How to send form responses to different google sheets based on a referral's response? [RESOLVED]

Is there a plugin that can route a referral to a specific google sheet based on their answers?

We collect referrals for 20 different locations. A referral chooses their preferred location when filling out the form. We currently are emailing the preferred location the referral’s responses using using conditional logic.

Now the locations want to access their assigned referrals in Google Sheets or similar. After watching youtube it appears plugins only support 1 sheet per form. Meaning all new submissions are sent to a single google sheet. This 1:1 relationship doesn’t work for us because all 20 locations can see all referrals. Locations should only see referral’s that chose the location in the form (i.e. conditional logic).

We are open to ideas outside of Google Sheets too.

Thanks in advance for any help,

I believe I found a plugin that allows us to do what we want.

However, in our search we discovered because of Gravity Forms. This actually will work even better then Google sheets for our project. Thank you Gravity Forms for your partnership with Breeze.

Thanks for the update. For reference, we have a Breeze Add-On available here with your Gravity Forms Pro license:

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