How to get form submissions to populate google sheets down as opposed to across

I have a mileage form and a sign in form that both have numerous entries per day.
How do I get the entries that are unique (say two different names or two different trips) to populate on separate rows with duplicate headers (eg. same date, department or whatever I specify) . Currently it all runs separate across the columns in the same row as opposed to say a 10 trip entry on one day feeding down like it was 10 separate entries.

What method are you using to send the data to Google Sheets right now?

API URL …we select send to third party

Is that a plugin you are using? Can you post the name or the link? Or if you would like more one on one attention, I recommend opening a support ticket with the vendor for whatever solution you are using to send the entries to Google Sheets.

Gravity Forms Send to Third Party API (Version 15.0 )

Is there a better one you recommend

There’s no better one - that one should work fine. I only needed to know what you were using to point you in the right direction for help. This is the plugin you are using:

You would need to get support from them (looks like it’s a paid option.) I will leave this open though in case someone else using the plugin is familiar with a fix for your issue. Thank you.

I use Zapier to create new rows in a google sheet. It is free with the Gravity Zapier add-on unless you are sending a ton of entries to it.