How to Remove Gravity Perks License Registration Notice from WP Dashboard

Good Day,

Our Gravity Perks license expired yesterday. As soon as it expired, a persistent non-dismissable license registration notice appeared in our WordPress dashboard (beneath our Gravity Perks plugins).

Details: Screenshot by Lightshot

We would appreciate a filter (i.e., code snippet) that will allow us to remove the notice displayed beneath the Gravity Perks plugin and any individual Gravity Perks plugin we’re using.

From our experience, no other WordPress plugin in the market does this - only Gravity Perks.

Typically, license expiration or renewal notices are placed in the Settings section of the plugin, not the WordPress dashboard. And if they do appear in the WordPress dashboard, they can be dismissed via a plugin setting or a code snippet provided by the plugin developer. None of these methods are available for Gravity Perks.

By the way, we love Gravity Perks and plan to renew our license. Until then, however, we would appreciate your help with this.

Thank you!

I don’t think we’re doing anything differently than Gravity Forms. If you view the Installed Plugins page without a valid Gravity Forms license, you see the exact same message.

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Hi Scott,

We’ve never let our GF license expire, so cannot comment on that. If you say the GF notice behaves the same way as Gravity Perks’, I believe you :slight_smile:

Still, we would appreciate the filter (i.e., code snippet) requested. The same would apply, most likely, for Gravity Forms shall our license ever expire.

Also, it appears the GF license notice is Yellow, Gravity Perks’ is Red. Why the difference?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Hi Scott,

Standing by for assistance :slight_smile:

We can really use your help (or David’s).

Thank you!

Hey Jonathan, I gave your request some real consideration. I can see good arguments from both perspectives but, ultimately, I believe it is fair for us to include this warning for unlicensed products and reasonable for us to let you explore removing it on your own.

PS – Working on your other ticket with us right now! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi David,

Thanks for the update.


  1. Are you guys going to update the Gravity Perks License Registration Notice color from Red to Yellow? (to match Gravity Forms’ color as shared by Scott above).

  2. Are you guys going to update your Gravity Perks License Registration Notice code to match the same code used by all other non-Gravity plugins? That is, where we can dequeue (temporarily, at least) the update or license notice using the PHP code snippet provided below (example). It doesn’t work for your plugins, but surely does for all other WP plugins.

Sad and disappointed about your decision, but definitely respect it.

Thank you!

function remove_update_notifications( $value ) {

    if ( isset( $value ) && is_object( $value ) ) {
		unset( $value->response[ 'gp-advanced-phone-field/gp-advanced-phone-field.php' ] );
		unset( $value->response[ 'gp-unique-id/gp-unique-id.php' ] );
		unset( $value->response[ 'gravityperks/gravityperks.php' ] );


    return $value;

add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'remove_update_notifications' );


We have solved this.

We’ll leave it up to the developers of Gravity Wiz / Gravity Perks to address Items 1 and 2 above. At least Item 1, which makes perfect sense and ensures consistency amongst their plugins.