How to limit poll entries by answer ? (if it's possible)

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m working on a specific poll with Gravity Forms.

The idea is to create video voting system integrated in a web page (maybe a popup).

For example, there is 10 videos displayed on a page, and the visitor can support by a vote any videos he likes, one vote only per videos.

By clicking on a button, the form appear, the vote choice is selected by a field in the url of the button.

Write his email and push another button and it’s done.

That’s the idea… Now, it’s time to bring it to life.

I have tested succesfully the limitation entry by email but I wonder if it’s possible to test, in the same time, if the vote of the visitor has already been saved…

Like this:

  • my_adress_email vote for video1 > OK
  • my_adress_email vote for video3 > OK
  • my_adress_email try to vote again for video1 > no way

It’s like a “like button” but with a email feature… lol

And the question is :

Do you know if it’s possible to limit the vote by email and choice ?

Thanks in advance !

Not a Gravity Forms feature, maybe the following third-party add-on from one of our certified developers could help somehow: Gravity Forms Limit Submissions - Gravity Perks | Gravity Wiz

I would recommend you to reach the author to confirm if it could be used for your specific use case.

If that doesn’t help, your best would be to hire a developer to work with you. Gravity Forms are official partners with Codeable , who are the #1 WordPress outsourcing service. They can provide quality development from hand-picked Gravity Forms specialists for any project size and budget. Additionally, they can also provide you with a no obligation estimate of what the project may cost up front. You can reach them via this link.

You can also post to our Community Forum Job Board, We do not vet any of the individual developers there, it is an open forum for all, but our community is certainly full of talented folks!

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Thank you Samuel !

I’ll take a look :wink:

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