How to implement ABN lookup field in gravity forms

I have created a form where the user has to enter personal details like name, email, phone, business name and ABN. Here I am implementing a feature where user should enter the business name following which the ABN should auto-populate.

With the help of ABN Lookup for Gravity Forms plugin I could implement a feature where the user enters ABN and business name auto-populates, but I am unable to do other way around with this plugin. Could someone please Let me know if this feature can be implemented using the same plugin? or Do we have any other option to implement the same?

Any help is highly appreciated

I’m not aware of any other options to do that in Gravity Forms, but I will leave this open in case someone knows of a way. Thank you.

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Have a look at at:

I done similar things with validated fields (eg lookup the lat/long for an address or calculate the postage cost) on multi page forms. Once you have the business name you could do the ABN lookup as the user moves from one page to the next.


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Thanks for the response!
I refered to the link provided by you, I found a code provided that only provides code for ABN lookup search by ABN. I would like to implement ABN lookup search by name. Could you please let me know how I can implement this?

I only want to implement this on one page of gravity forms. Could you provide any links to examples?


There is code there for their JSON service which provides both ABN > Name and Name > ABN lookups.

But you need to be registered with to use the JSON service and it would need to be implemented as custom code (either in functions.php or a plugin) to work with a Gravity Form.

If you’re not a developer, I’d start by asking the person who did ABN Lookup for Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin | - that seems to be ABN > Name so implementing Name > ABN shouldn’t be too massive a jump.


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I have contacted the author of the plugin but he is unresponsive. I have found the code, already have the GUID and now I only see the option to implement this in funtions.php file.

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