How to ensure valid entry on forms [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’m using Gravity forms on a client’s website.

We noticed users can fill the form field with random information for example enter numbers or signs in the email fields, or text in the telephone field and the form submission would still go through successfully

See image below.

We want the form to block invalid form entry and show a message about what is wrong with the entry for example ‘please enter a valid email address’, or phine number.

How can I make this happen in Gravity forms.

Hi Dapo,

The email field must require a valid email address before form submission. Otherwise, when you try to submit the form, you will get the following error. :point_down:

The same goes for the telephone/phone number. If you select the first option (###) ###-#### or International format, both will require a valid number with an extension. Please ensure you have added the correct field with the appropriate field type. Never use the Single Line Text field for email or phone number field.

Please refer to the following screen recording: :point_down:

Form Testing screen recording

Please keep me posted about the outcome. Thank you :+1:

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Thanks Faisal, you are kind. I will replace the Single line text fields with the valid fields.

I appreciate your help.

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You are welcome, Dapo.

Great to hear that the issue has been resolved! If you require any additional assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to open a new ticket. Thank you! :+1:

Good day