How to duplicate a form section in Gravity Forms with section questions?

Is it possible to copy an entire form section with its questions to easily add another person?

I have a problem with a form where each subsequent person must be placed in a new section. Each section contains many questions, and I would like to avoid the need to manually copy each question from the section to add another person. Is it possible to duplicate the entire section to save time and streamline the form filling process?

Hello. Take a look at the free version of Bulk Actions from JetSloth:

Hi, Radosław. If you’re talking about copying groups of form fields when building the form, you may want to check out Jetsloth’s Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms.

It is one of the greatest plugins ever for this sort of purpose.

By contrast, if you’re talking about copying inputted values from one part of the form to the other, you may want to check out Gravity Wiz’s Copy Cat:

It is also a beautiful creation.

Good luck,

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