How to display the product photo on Stripe Checkout [RESOLVED]


I now that it’s possible to display a product photo in the stripe checkout (on the left side on desktop).

But i can’t configure it with Gravity Form. I didn’t find it on the documentation as well.

Any idea ?


Hi Joe. I’ve not seen this yet. Can you send a screenshot where you have seen this working, or some documentation from Stripe showing how to add the product image to the Stripe Checkout page? Maybe there is a way to pass that from Gravity Forms. If you can send additional information, I can look into it. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

From what i remember it’s possible to pass the product image url when you create the Stripe Product, and then the image is shown on the checkout :slight_smile:

Hi Joe. It looks like those images can be sent using the gform_stripe_session_data filter:

Example 1 there shows getting the images from the field when you are using the JetSloth Image Choices plugin (this line):

$image = gf_image_choices()->get_choice_image_src( $field, $line_item['name'] );

If you are not using the Image Choices plugin, your method for getting the images will be different, but the key is to send each image (up to 8 of them I believe) in this line:

$session_data['line_items'][ $k ]['images'][] = $image;

Thanks Chris,

It works perfectly

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