How to add http headers to notification email? [RESOLVED]

Hey team, I’m using Elastic Email as a smtp service, I need to set a header in my admin notification email that’s sent out when a form is submitted to tell elastic email it’s a transactional email, here’s the options:

A) HTTP API - Pass the parameter “isTransactional = true”
B) SMTP Relay - Add a header “IsTransactional” with the value of “True”

I’m not sure what the best option would be, I can’t seem to see any documentation in gravity forms that hooks into the notification email headers.

Has anyone navigated this before? I’m hoping for a simple fix if there is one as I have to do it to about 150 websites I host. Or if there is another option for transactional email relays that you can recommend I’d be keen to hear it. Elastic Email place the contact into a ‘stale’ state if they haven’t opened any of the previous 10 emails, and suppresses the rest of the emails. This isn’t ideal for transactional emails so they offer the option to set the transactional parameter.


You can use the gform_pre_send_email filter to modify the headers array just before the notification is passed to WordPress for delivery.

The filter can be used in the theme functions.php file, a custom functions plugin, or with a code snippets plugin.

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Oh awesome thanks @richardw8k

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