How to add a Webcam Capture Option to Gravity Form

Currently in the process of trying to create a school checkout system for students who are leaving early.

Part of this process, the school would like the ability to have the check out form capture the photo of the individual who is picking up the student.

Is this something that can be possible within Gravity forms? How would I even go about trying to get this accomplished?

I’ve looked around and there were several old add-ons that are no longer supported and available, this would be an awesome function to have.


As you may know Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any field type intended to take pictures from Webcams. The closest thing would be the Pipe add-on, but it uses a third-party service and it’s for recording a video.

I’m not aware of any active third-party add-on for this purpose, so I would recommend you to post your requirements in the Job Board section to see if there’s someone that could offer you a custom solution.

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