How to add a button that opens a menu

when a user presses the button “Choose specific awards” button it opens a menu exactly as the image below, with icons inside it, is this possible?

The user can then pick the Icons he want which each one of them have a price under it, can anyone please help? thank you!

Yes, it is possible to create a form with Gravity Forms that includes a section where users can choose specific awards from a grid of icons with prices.

You can create a form with a “Checkbox” field for each award icon, and add the price for each award as a custom field to the checkbox. You can then use conditional logic to show or hide the award section based on whether the “Choose specific awards” button has been pressed.

To create the grid view of icons, you can use custom CSS and HTML to display the icons in a grid format. You can also add custom JavaScript code to handle the selection and pricing of the awards.

Alternatively, you can use Gravity Forms’ “Product” field to create a product selection section with a grid of icons and prices. This would simplify the pricing and selection process but would require you to create each award as a separate product.

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